Non-profit Status, Upcoming Events, Panola Slopes’ Response

Now a 501(c)(3)

The Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation is officially a 501(c)(3), giving us tax-exempt status. This is wonderful news! Thanks to Board member Joyce Russell who completed and filed the paperwork, and to Jerome Chavis, Chief Operating Officer, NTRC, who gave us excellent advice to get us started.

This designation is a significant accomplishment. It allows contributors to deduct their donations. It allows the GHHCDC to apply for a variety of grants.


Community and Business Events are Scheduled

As part of our effort to promote economic development in the Greater Hidden Hills area, we will have two events this spring.

Saturday, March 21, we invite the community to a Touch-a-Truck event. This is an opportunity to bring the family to see emergency vehicles, such as a fire truck, police car, and ambulance. Zaxby’s on S. Hairston has graciously agreed to let us use the parking lot.

We plan to have entertainment, share information about the GHHCDC, and give local businesses a chance to promote themselves.

Tuesday, April 21, 6:30 p.m., we will have a 90-minute business seminar on Taking Advantage of Technology, with a key component on Building and Maintaining the Customer Base. More details to come!

These activities will be much more successful if we have a few more volunteers to help. Please join us for our next monthly meeting, Feb. 21, 10 a.m., at Mainstreet Community Center, 5001 Mainstreet Park Drive, 30088


APD Solutions Responds to Panola Slopes Media Coverage

The entertainment complex proposed for Covington Highway near Young Road received negative media attention this week. APD Solutions owns the property and has met frequently with the community. The GHHCDC supports this development. It received approval from the DeKalb Board of Commissioners Dec. 16, after months of delays.

APD Solutions CEO Vaughn Irons sent a letter addressing the concerns. A portion is quoted below:

I see a means of changing the economic outlook of South/Central DeKalb with what we have envisioned for Panola Slope. The project is planned to be a resort for visitors and entertainment district for locals. We are bringing the finest amenities, unique experiences and safety to that corridor.

 This new project will bring a total of $28 million of new investment to the area. We are providing 3 new upscale restaurants, a one-of-a-kind Barcade, 4 retail boutiques, lodging of 72 sleeping rooms, swimming pool, outdoor performance pavilion and finally a top notch full service 10,000 SF conference center.

But attempts to lift up our community are never without controversy. Some media outlets are trying to suggest that because one of my investors owns casinos out of state, that this is a “backdoor” attempt to bring casino gambling to Georgia.

 These allegations are ludicrous. Casino gambling is illegal in Georgia. Our Barcade at Panola Resort will include amusement games for adult patrons that are legal and allowable under Georgia law. Any suggestion to the contrary is an intentional misrepresentation of the facts.

Click on this link to read Mr. Vaughn’s full letter: Irons Letter to DeKalb


Jan Costello
President, Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation


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