Proposed Development at Adcox and S. Hairston Out of Compliance

The development proposed at 1332 S. Hairston Road does not comply with the Greater Hidden Hills Overlay Code, signed in law in DeKalb County in Dec. 2011. The proposed development (between Adcox Road and The Reserve at Stone Creek apartment complex) falls in Tier Two. In this tier, the overlay allows “lower-density development in a mixed-use context more compatible with the adjacent single-family neighborhoods. Sec. 27-730.4.5. 

The property was purchased for $427,500 on Oct. 9, 2012, by Kawaljeet & Son, Inc., according to DeKalb County tax records. The purchase was made ten months after the overlay code went into effect. The developer and architect discussed their plans with the community on Nov. 5, at Hairston Library. (Site plan photo attached).

Gas Station Site Plan-Compliance Issues








Among the ways the proposal does not comply are:

  1. Proposed gas station is prohibited in Tier 2 Sec. 27-730.4.10

  2. Proposed convenience store is prohibited in Tier 2 Sec. 27-730.4.10

  3. 3.      Does not provide publicly accessible open space. Twenty percent of the development must be publicly accessible open space, directly accessible from a public sidewalk and building entrances. Sec. 27-730.4.23

  4. 4.      Does not provide multimodal access (required to provide safe and convenient pedestrian access routes to sidewalks along streets and to each building entrance; required to provide connections to driveways, sidewalks, and bike paths; required to provide bike parking facilities) Sec. 27-730.4.31, and Sec. 27-730.4.13 (h) and (i).

  5. 5.      Does not meet sidewalk width requirement. Sidewalks along Hairston must be at least 10-feet wide Sec. 27-730.4.27

The plan is not complete, so we do not know if the requirements on transitional buffer zones are met. There must be 30 feet or more of natural state or landscaped area to provide a visual screen between the building and the adjacent property. Sec. 27-730.4.14

Overlay Created to Enhance Economic Development

More than one dozen neighborhoods worked for several years to create a vision for the economic vitality and quality of life of the Greater Hidden Hills community. These neighborhoods include Chapman’s Mill, Essex Farm, Hidden Hills, Kennon’s Walk, Kingsgate, Kings Ridge, Mainstreet Community, the Meadows, Muirfield, Redan Park, and Scarbrough Square.


DeKalb County established the Greater Hidden Hills overlay zoning district to:

  • Encourage economic development and smart growth
  • Improve connectivity on foot, by bike, and by motorized transit.
  • Attract preferred types of businesses
  • Conserve greenspace
  • Create design standards for new buildings, signage, landscaping, streetscaping, and parking lots


Certain kinds of businesses are specifically prohibited because they do not meet our economic and community goals. However, we actively encourage many enterprises. The overlay zoning code allows streamlined approval for these community-supported businesses:

  • Banks, credit unions and financial institutions
  • Business and professional offices
  • Educational services
  • Production, audio and video studios
  • Fitness and health centers
  • Medical and health services and supplies
  • Mixed-use development
  • Restaurants and late night establishments
  • Retail shops
  • Personal services such as day spas, beauty and barber shops, laundry and dry cleaning, alterations and repair
  • Family entertainment centers, including bowling and games
  • Art gallery, cultural facilities, movie theaters, and art supply stores
  • Hotels
  • Animal hospital or clinic, supplies, grooming


If the owner wants to pursue his development plans, he will have to go through the special land use process. This entails hearings by the Community Council, the Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Board of Commissioners. The Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation will continue to monitor the situation. We have asked to meet with the developer again to try and work out an acceptable solution.

Board Minutes Oct. 19 — Progress continues

Minutes :Board of Directors

Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation (GHHCDC)
held at Mainstreet Community Center, Oct. 19, 2013, 10 a.m. -11:15 a.m.

Attended: Jan Costello, Charlene Taylor, Calvin Sims, and Nadine Rivers-Johnson

Absent: Phyllis Frierson could not attend due to a family medical emergency

We began at 10:10.

Making sure all neighborhoods feel represented. Calvin asked that all neighborhood names be displayed prominently on published material (both electronic and print). We discussed the need to keep the website easy to read and memorable. Jan will create a map that shows all neighborhoods and put a direct link to the map in the toolbar under the masthead. We will consider other options as they become available.

All of the neighborhoods can be listed on printed material, as part of the letterhead design. These projects are under construction and will be reviewed by the board.

The logo is still in production.

We voted to approve the Conflict of Interest statement. It was unanimous.  Jan will prepare a form that each board member will sign, showing intent to abide by the bylaws, Code of Ethics, and Conflict of Interest policy.

Charlene emphasized the need to get a brochure done. She and Nadine volunteered to help prioritize the content for the brochure. We decided on a trifold, color brochure. Jan is working on the layout.

Banking. Calvin said he would talk to the local banks and find the best deal for our account. He will also ask about the banks’ community investment initiatives and find out how the GHHCDC may qualify.

We briefly discussed budgets. The Streetscape Committee continues to work on a budget.

We briefly discussed getting the 501c(3) status. Nadine advised us that we would need help from an accountant at some point.

We took a photo of the four board members attending. Jan’s plan was to post a picture of the full board, so we will try again or include a separate picture of Phyllis Frierson.

(from left: Calvin Sims, Nadine Rivers-Johnson, Jan Costello, Charlene Taylor)


Our next board meeting will be in mid-November at Mainstreet Community Center. The date will be announced.