Greater Hidden Hills Overlay Code

The Greater Hidden Hills Overlay Zone

  • Encourages economic development and smart growth
  • Attracts preferred types of businesses
  • Conserves greenspace
  • Creates design standards for new buildings, signage, landscaping, streetscaping, and parking lots
  • Improves connectivity on foot, by bike, and by motorized transit.

The Greater Hidden Hills Overlay District is about four square miles. It is bordered by Covington Highway, S. Hairston Road, Redan Road, and Panola Road. More than one dozen neighborhoods participated in a five-year process to improve economic development. Overlay districts are a proven community redevelopment tool that have been used successfully all over the United States. The Great Hidden Hills district is DeKalb County’s 11th community to create a mixed-use overlay.

For a complete review of the code and maps of the affected area, click the link below.

Greater Hidden Hills Overlay Zone

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