New Businesses, Parks Update, Environmental Post Open

Three drive-through restaurants coming to Wesley Chapel. Which ones? Your opinion is being sought

CSC Properties received approval to modify the Tier One code in the I-20 Overlay to build three drive-through restaurants on Wesley Chapel near Snapfinger Woods Drive. It was approved by the Board of Commissioners Aug. 25.

When company representatives spoke at public meetings, they mentioned they hoped to bring in restaurants with healthier food options, such as Chipotle and Wendy’s.  As far as we know, no deal has been finalized for any restaurant.  Company representatives know that the community is very interested in what happens here. Now, they would like to hear from us.

Kings Ridge Homeowners Association has been staying in close touch.  They shared the following method for sending Go to the company website:

Click Contact.

In the Contact Us box, provide your opinion.  To ensure that your message reaches the right party, put Wesley Chapel Town Center in the box for Company name.

Thank you to the Kings Ridge Homeowners Association for staying in close touch with CSC Properties and for sharing this information with us.   


Lidl has finally begun clearing land

It’s been a long time coming, but Lidl is moving ahead with its plans to build a grocery store at 6038 Covington Highway. Lidl is a German-owned chain, similar to German-owned Aldi, but Lidl offers more products and has slightly larger stores.  It operates on the “everyday low cost” model.

You may recall that the community attended public hearings on the plan beginning in January 2017.  The company responded favorably to our requests for landscaping and screening of the retention pond and dumpsters.

Since that time, delays occurred as a result of Stonecrest acquiring that portion of the county. The company had to go through new permitting process. In addition, it was analyzing which type of stores work best in the U.S. and waiting to build until it had enough data.

The company spokesperson would not give details on a specific opening date.  They are aiming for summer 2021. However, the construction signs say they are interested in hiring.


Hairston Park – Made it through Step One

Gwendolyn Stegall did a super job describing the Meditation Project for Hairston Park. The DeKalb County Parks and Recreation Department gave the project its support.  Now, we can apply for the grant from Park Pride.

This project includes shaded benches placed near the lake, a serenity garden with winding path, picnic tables in the wooded area near the spot where the pavilion will be (one day – things seem to be moving in the right direction), and new signage.


Intrenchment Creek Park – Fighting for Survival

The County is considering a deal with Blackhall Studios that would give it 40 acres of beautiful parkland in a critical watershed for private development.  The County would receive, in exchange, a clear-cut piece of land.  Hundreds of people have spoken out against this plan because they do not want to lose any of our natural, untouched park landscape.

This 125-acre park is on what used to be the Atlanta Prison Farm. It is at West Side Place, Atlanta, 30316.

There will be another public hearing on the matter on Sept. 10, 5:30-6:30 pm.

Commissioner Larry Johnson sent out this information.

To join with your computer, go to

To call in, dial 602-333-0032 or 888-270-9936

Conference code: 217687

To watch on DCTV, go to

To learn more about the Stop the Swap effort, go to


SE Fields in Stonecrest Still Closed

Southeast Athletic Complex near Covington Highway & DeKalb Medical Center Parkway has been closed since mid-March. Every park in the state and in unincorporated DeKalb County is open.  Even if citizens cannot play organized sports in this time of Covid-19, they could at least use the 97-acre park for walks.  Come on. Open the park or give it back!

When Stonecrest became a city, it made a deal with DeKalb County to get eight county parks for $34,950 in July 2019. The eight parks are Gregory Moseley, Southeast Athletic Complex, Fairington Park, Salem Park, Browns Mill Park, Chestnut Lakes, Miners Creek, Everett Property, and Browns Mill Aquatic Center.

If you would like to speak out on this matter, contact:

City Hall:  770 224-0200

Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary

Robert Turner
District 2 Councilman (SE Fields is in his district)

Brandon J. Riley Sr.
Stonecrest Parks & Recreation Director

This page has more contact info for the City of Stonecrest:


Important Environmental Position Needs a Volunteer

The DeKalb Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors is currently interviewing for a vacated appointed Supervisor position.

The Board tries to ensure that developers follow the state’s erosion and sediment control laws. In addition, an especially important role of the District is to support, encourage and educate citizens, staff and officials with the significant goal of protection and sustainability of the natural  resources of DeKalb County    The District meets the second Friday of every month at 10:00 am virtually via Zoom.

If you would like to see the volunteer job description, go to:

This file also has contacts you can write for more information.


Until next time, may everybody be healthy.


Jan Costello
President, Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation