August News

We’re meeting Aug. 21, 10 – 11 a.m.

At Saturday’s meeting, we will have an update on the public hearing on the proposed townhome/apartment development on the center of the closed Hidden Hills golf course. We will also discuss proposed developments on Panola Road and Rockbridge/Hairston.

Join GHHCDC Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 2989 4562

Passcode: 099974

Phone: 646 558 8656 

The Planning Commission is reviewing the Hidden Hills sketch plat on  Aug. 25, 6 p.m.  The Commission can vote to approve, deny, or defer for a one-time revision.  We are asking for the item to be put on the next meeting date because this one did not meet the publication notice deadlines. 

We want to work with the developer to explain their intention to convert the office building to assisted living or elder care; define what will happen to the greenspace; add details about the amenities.

Once the Planning Commission  makes a decision, there are no more review. It does not go to the Board of Commissioners.

You can attend the Planning Commission meeting Aug. 25, 6 p.m.  at:

Dial: 888 270 9936 (US Toll Free) Conference code: 934462

The sketch plat that the Planning Commission  will review is available at:

Late-Night Establishments in Tier Two Modified Sensibly

The Board of Commissioners approved a sensible amendment to the late-night establishments in Tier Two of the Hidden Hills overlay district.  It will allow them as long as the establishment meets stringent noise control requirements – basically there can be no noise, including bass tones and vibrations, that one can hear outside the building.

This was a compromise worked out over many meetings during the past months. However, the Sherrington group is not satisfied and has asked for another hearing to prevent any late-night establishment from being within 500 feet of a residential boundary line. The problem with that tactic is that it will cut out the opportunity for a late-night establishment in most parts of Tier Two.

This link will show you a map of the overlay district.

What is a late-night establishment? “Any establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on premises where such establishment is open for use by patrons beyond 12:30 a.m.  A late-night establishment must be 1,500 feet away from the line of property zoned residential.” 

Please write to our commissioners to tell them thank you for the amendment. The extra protection with noise controls is a good idea. No other change is needed.   

Cochran-Johnson, Lorraine, Commissioner District 7

Johnson, Mereda D., Commissioner District 5

Steve Bradshaw, Commissioner District 4

Last chance! Survey closes Aug. 22!

What is your vision for DeKalb County? Please take a few minutes to share your opinion.  Take the online survey at

Stay safe everybody!

2 thoughts on “August News

  1. If that was in my neck of the woods,I would not want any ” late night establishments”( translation: clubs,bars) near me .

    I was speaking with a relative about my complaint and didn’t get what was the big deal about it. I told her the following: the reason(s) that I wouldn’t want so called late night establishments near me are 1) Potentially,they can be noisy 2) some of them have drawn crime( eg shootings,murders) 3) Similarly to the argument I have about Dollar Tree/ Family Dollar stores,that is all they think the people of South DeKalb deserve. Lastly,some of them are literally hole- in- the wall looking.

    The South DeKalb I grew up with isn’t the one I see today . It’s not one that I brag about. It’s frustrating to see counties like Fulton and Clayton rising from the ashes and growing. People complain about the attitude of Stockbridge Mayor, Elton Alexander. Whether you do/ don’t agree with the guy,you have to give him his props when it comes to him growing his city. They just opened their beautiful amphitheater last week and will have their first concert some where this month.

    Since 2008,South DeKalb suffered and haven’t fully recovered since. It has been promised with goodies so many times only to be slapped in the face with nothing. Before the pandemic,there was a festivals about its citizens celebrating South DeKalb county. As much as I like going to them,I never went to one. Other than me celebrating another day of life and not being sick , shut in and a roof over my head..that’s it. The schools,retail, restaurants and entertainment isn’t there and the commissioners wonder why they do their business elsewhere?

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