Stop, Drop, Pick it Up!

Thank you for your support!  More than 30 people took to the streets on Saturday, June 1, to urge people to stop littering.

We held banners and signs at S. Hairston and Covington, and S. Hairston and Redan. We picked up bags of trash along the streets at both intersections.

The “Your Community…Your Litter – Pick It Up!”  Campaign is the creation of Phyllis Frierson. It was co-sponsored by District 7 Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson.  Special kudos to Phyllis and to Larry Coles (pictured above) for their part in the guerilla marketing effort – they donned costumes covered with trash to draw attention to the consequences of mindlessly tossing out trash from cars.

Other neighborhoods that participated in the clean-up were Meadowbrook Glen, and neighborhoods near Greenforest, Deshon, and Rainbow Drive.   

Check out these links to coverage of our Anti-Litter Day in On Common Ground News. 

June 6, 2019
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May 30, 2019 
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