Join us for July 18 Meeting; Streetscape Plans

Next GHHCDC Meeting July 18, 10 a.m.

Join us at the Mainstreet Community Center, 5001 Martin Road, 30088. All are welcome. We’ll be discussing the Aug. 22 Battle of the Bands event and the streetscape improvement plans.


Streetscape Improvement Plans

Imagine driving down Hairston Road under a canopy of beautiful trees. What a restful and beautiful way to drive home! Trees make a huge, positive economic impact on an area. Trees will reduce the cost of mowing grass, help clean the air, and slow down stormwater runoff.

That’s why we are excited about the streetscape plans to plant trees at S. Hairston and Redan and in the median. We’re working with Keep DeKalb Beautiful to get trees in late fall 2015.

We’re also asking businesses near that intersection to join the beautification effort. We will keep you posted.

Kathleen L. Wolf, PhD, a research social scientist at the University of Washington, Seattle, reports surveys showing the positive impact of trees.

  1. Judgments of product value, product quality, and merchant responsiveness were more positive in places having trees. People infer that they will have better experiences in more attractive settings.
  2. People claimed they were willing to travel more often, for more time, and over greater distance to a retail district having trees. This means that a district having a quality urban forest may attract visitors over greater distances, boosting the number of possible customers.
  3. Visitors said they would spend more time in those districts with trees once they arrived. Customers were also willing to pay more for products and services, by up to 9% in the smaller communities and up to 12% more in districts within larger cities. People even claimed that they’d pay more for parking.

Keep-DeKalb-Beautiful-Meeting-June-24Caption: Keep DeKalb Beautiful Director Gordon Burkette (left) met with Greater Hidden Hills CDC about planting trees at Hairston and Redan. (from left) Board members Phyllis Frierson and Charlene Taylor, and members Lois Dunlap and Kenneth Saunders III.