Happy new year! May this be the year that more people get involved in making our community a better place to live.

We have a vision for 2020.  At our final meeting in December, we all spoke about our hopes and prayers. Here is an abbreviated list:

  • More foot soldiers in the community development effort (Join us!)
  • Permanent legislation to restrict dollar stores
  • A working Tree Bank program
  • Local businesses that support the community and show pride
  • Stronger code enforcement (more officers!)
  • People stop littering (and more people help pick up litter)
  • A pavilion in Hairston Park – finally using the 2017 grant we received
  • Responsive elected officials and public servants
  • Passing of necessary amendments to the overlay code


The Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation (GHHCDC) represents dozens of neighborhoods in and around our 4-square-mile overlay district.  Make this the year to get involved.  The following short items tell about upcoming community meetings and news concerning our community.


Self-storage facility – 2nd community meeting this Thursday

Jan. 2, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m., Crossroads Presbyterian Church, 5587 Redan Road, Stone Mountain, 30058

The developer agreed to Community Council’s request for a follow-up meeting with the community to discuss the self-storage facility being considered for 5636 Redan Road (between small shopping center and tire shop, across from the fire station. Please attend.

You can also speak at the Jan. 7. 6:30 p.m. Planning Commission meeting, and at the Jan. 28, 630 p.m. Board of Commission meeting.  Maloof Auditorium, 1300 Commerce, Decatur.


The County Issued a 45-day Moratorium Against New Dollar Stores

County commissioners heard the complaints and took action. Let by Super District 7 Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson, the county enacted a 45-day moratorium on new dollar stores in the unincorporated parts of the county.  The City of Stonecrest has already banned them.

During the moratorium, the County will develop legislation that can curb the proliferation.

“We have to watch out for oversaturation and proliferation,” said Cochran-Johnson.  “I don’t think they should be on every corner.”

These stores may give consumers small bargains, but they retard good economic development and lead to the closure of grocery stores that carry fresh produce and healthy items.  Dollar General and Dollar Tree (which owns Family Dollar) operate 30,000 of these stores, and 10,000 of them were built in the last 10 years.  They plan to open 20,000 more.  The firms target rural areas and low-income urban neighborhoods.  They are part of a dystopian economic outlook that says there will always be a permanent underclass and firms should make a buck off the people.

When decent businesses look for a place to invest, they do not choose locations near dollar stores. Think about what kind of community you want to have when you spend your dollars.


Code Enforcement: Small Victory against Family Dollar

In December, the Family Dollar at 1800 Panola Road had 4 citations issued and received a court fine at $250, $250, $200, $200 plus 35% court fee added to the total.

The store did repair the exterior ceiling damage and cut overgrown vegetation. However open storage remains to be an issue. Code Enforcement Supervisor Lorena says that the property will continue to be monitored.

Vigilance pays off. After talking to the unresponsive management, Erica Weaver turned in many complaints against this facility, and we appreciate her efforts.


Slaughtering Continues, Trial Looms

The slaughter of animals at Bradford Homes & Grounds, 1676 Rice Road, Lithonia, GA 30058, continues. In October and November 2019, Rudolf Bradford slaughtered 153 animals.  This brings the total of animals slaughtered since the DeKalb County cease-and-desist order to 468 cattle, goats and sheep. He has slaughtered 2,642 animals since Jan. 1, 2016.

We continue to monitor the case.  Mr. Bradford has a court appearance Jan. 6, for the routine Motions Calendar.  Then, there will be a Calendar Call on Feb. 7 at which time the trial date will be set. At either of these appearances, he could plead guilty. Senior Assistant Solicitor-General Thomas Kemp is doing an excellent job keeping us informed of the case.

When the trial is set, it will be helpful for the public to attend.


The Next Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Meeting will be Jan. 18, 2020, 10 am.  We meet at Mainstreet Community Center, 5001 Mainstreet Park Drive, Stone Mountain. You are welcome to attend.

Update on Developments that Affect Greater Hidden Hills

You are invited to the next Greater Hidden Hills Community Development meeting Oct. 20, 10 a.m., at the Mainstreet Community Center, 5001 Mainstreet Park, Stone Mountain. We will discuss the next streetscape improvement plan and business development in the area.

͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠     ͠     ͠͠͠͠

MARTA is very much in the news with its approval of a $2.7 billion transportation plan for the city of Atlanta. In addition, Georgia House District 87 Representative-elect Viola Davis is working hard to get improvements in DeKalb County. We met with her in July, and since then, she has had meetings and frequent contacts with MARTA executives.  She helped us get MARTA to honor a commitment to add benches to the stop by the new Waffle House on Redan Road.

09-01-2018-benches (3-c)That was one item on a long list of needed improvements.  MARTA has not begun to tackle the other issues.  Davis points out that according to MARTA’s own studies, 395 bus stops in DeKalb qualify for but have not received bus shelters or benches. This paltry level of service is absolutely unacceptable. Please read her most recent report, at

MARTA Priority List for Shelters and Benches Memoandum – Update and Extending the Mission 10-09-2018 final 2

͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠     ͠     ͠͠͠͠

Rocklyn Homes heard our concerns and modified its design for the townhome community near LA Fitness on Covington/Panola. The new design has a .38 acre pocket park, a 30-foot landscaped buffer, and lots of trees.  We appreciate the Stonecrest City Council deferring the vote so that more attention would be paid to the greenspace and buffer. The Council approved the final plans Oct. 15. The plans can be viewed at



͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠     ͠     ͠͠͠͠

Tycore Auto Services is asking for an exception to the types of businesses allowed in the Greater Hidden Hills Overlay District. The business needs a Special Land Use Permit to do major auto repair at 5361 Covington Highway, next door to Walgreens and across the street from Pep Boys and two other auto-related businesses. The property has approximately 110 feet of frontage along Covington Highway and contains 0.6 acre.


Auto repair shops are allowed all over DeKalb County, but we’re trying to create a more diverse business environment at S. Hairston and Covington Highway, and other commercial areas in the overlay district.


The DeKalb County District 5 Community Council split on its recommendation, 4 – 3 with one abstention.  The next opportunity to speak is Nov. 1, 6:30 p.m., at the Planning Commission, Maloof Building, 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur.  

͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠     ͠     ͠͠͠͠

Hightower image 4Theresa Hightower, the accomplished jazz musician, singer and actress, passed away Oct. 10 after a battle with colon cancer. She was a humanitarian, who gave much time and energy to philanthropic causes. Her last concert was at our Music on Main in August. Our sincere condolences go out to her son Tony Hightower and mother Martha Hightower. The family has a GoFundMe campaign to help with expenses. https://www.gofundme.com/taking-care-of-theresa

͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠     ͠     ͠͠͠͠

Waffle House on Redan Road just west of S. Hairston is almost ready to open. The restaurant is hiring and stocking shelves. They hope to open in the next week or two.

͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠     ͠     ͠͠͠͠

Sign-SHairston-Park-cAnd finally, we have Community Pride signs in three spots where we have planted trees. Look for the signs at the median on S. Hairston near Kroger, on Redan Road, near the  crepe myrtle, and on S. Hairston across from Hairston Park. These signs celebrate the partnership our community has with Keep DeKalb Beautiful.  Community pride at work!

Community Input Makes a Difference

Rocklyn Homes heard our concerns and modified its design for the townhome community near LA Fitness on Covington/Panola. The new design has a .38 acre pocket park, a 30-foot landscaped buffer, and lots of trees.  We appreciate the Stonecrest City Council deferring the vote so that more attention would be paid to the greenspace and buffer. The council will receive the final plans for a vote on Oct. 15.

Click the links to view the plans.



Inspired by Music on Main

What a wonderful evening!

Thank you to our special guests Theresa Hightower and Moses Davis for their spectacular performance Aug. 18.

Thank you to our elected representatives – DeKalb Commissioner Steve Bradshaw, DeKalb Commissioner Gregory Adams, and GA Senator Steve Henson – for celebrating with us.

Thank you to our wonderful supporters and volunteers who know that together we can make a positive and lasting impact on our community.


And thank you to all of our sponsors.



We will use the funds raised to continue making our commercial areas look better, to advocate for high quality businesses, and to enhance greenspace.

Joy and Accomplishment on Earth Day

More than 90 people showed up for Earth Day at Hairston Park April 21.  We worked happily under brilliant blue skies.  Volunteers cleared a six-foot-wide path from the parking lot to the north edge of the park near Elam Road and back around to the playground.  Others aired out the shrubbery next to the sidewalk, volunteers picked up litter, and children painted cement barricades.

Thanks to John Ahern at Park Pride for guiding us through the project. Many staff and volunteers came from Park Pride, and we appreciate you all. Thanks to Gwendolyn Stegall and the Friends captains: Larry Cole, Jarvis Walker, Jonathan Stegall, and Keith Williams.  And thanks to Antioch AME Church, Wells Fargo, Home Depot, and Invesco for sending volunteers.

District 4 Commissioner Steve Bradshaw and District 7 Commissioner Gregory Adams opened the day’s event with gratitude and inspirational pep talks.

The community made a tremendous difference in Hairston Park. Look at the before and after pictures:

Visit and see for yourself.  We’ll have other fun projects at the park, so please join us.  Write to FriendsofHairstonPark@gmail.com to be on the mailing list.

Give 60 Minutes and Build Community Pride

3-fp-Mulch-2-11_ (4)-c
Phyllis Frierson and volunteers enjoying the last spruce-up day.

Join the effort to make a positive difference in our community. Saturday, March 24, 9:45 a.m., we will brighten a key stretch of S. Hairston near Redan (across from Kroger). The median will get spruced up with a dozen new plants and fresh mulch.

You may park between Wendy’s and Doo’s Seafood or in the shopping center parking lots.

The work is fun and satisfying.  Keep DeKalb Beautiful staff will have the holes dug for the plants. We put them in the ground and spread the mulch. Bring your gloves, a shovel and a metal rake.

A dozen volunteers can knock this out in an hour. Please come! The result will please you every time you drive down S. Hairston. It will remind people that our community cares about its appearance.

If you have questions, write to GHHCDC@gmail.com


We planted 26 trees as part of the ongoing streetscape improvement in Greater Hidden Hills! This tremendous effort is a joint project with Keep DeKalb Beautiful and the DeKalb County Tree Bank. The planting occurred Jan. 19 and 22, 2018.

The 14 Nellie Stevens Holly make a grand parade leading up to the entrance of Hairston Park. These trees will grow 15-20 feet high. What a statement they make as we invest county and grant money into the dramatic refresh of Hairston Park.


In the roundabout in the park, we planted a Georgia Gem Green Ash, a beautiful shade tree that grows 50 feet tall. We planted another Georgia Gem in the public easement in front of Champions Christian Academy at 1131 S. Hairston (a block north of Redan).

Then, we planted 10 crepe myrtle in the public easement on Redan Road, to beautify the Hairston Square shopping center.  There will be more work in this area, focusing on the bus stop. Waffle House plans to help when it erects its new restaurant there.

The trees were donated by QuikTrip as part of its obligation to the DeKalb County Tree Bank. They were professionally planted by Landscape Design Company.

Stay tuned. More natural beauty to come! We’re planting PRIDE in our community.

See a short video at: https://vimeo.com/252247693


Just Say No!

It’s time to restate your opposition to unwanted businesses in the community.  We are facing the prospect of three more liquor stores and one gas station. In all cases, the applicants have asked for a special land use permit to operate. Our overlay code put that restriction in place. This email shows you several ways that you can keep them from getting the permit.

1)   Show your opposition by showing up at meetings.

Oct. 16, 7 p.m. – Meet with owner of proposed liquor store at Publix Shopping Center. 2079 S. Hairston Road, Suite E

Oct. 17, 6:30 p.m. – Ask the Community Council to deny a request for a gas station and liquor outlet at the old tire shop at 4736 Redan Road, Stone Mountain. The meeting is at Sue Kellogg Library, 952 Leon Street, Stone Mountain. (Does this look familiar? It is! We fought the same battle last year and won!)

Oct. 24, 6:30 p.m. – Ask the Board of Commissioners to deny the request for a liquor store at 1026 Holcombe Road, Decatur.  The meeting is at the Maloof Auditorium, 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur.

Nov. 2, 6:30 p.m. – Ask the Planning Commission to deny request for a gas station and liquor outlet at the old tire shop at 4736 Redan Road, Stone Mountain.  The meeting is at the Maloof Auditorium, 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur.


2)   Sign the online petition the states your opposition. It will be shared with DeKalb County.

Click here for the petition.

3)  Write our county commissioners.
Email to:  GregoryAdams@dekalbcountyga.gov, srbradshaw@dekalbcountyga.gov, mdjohnson@dekalbcountyga.gov, kgannon@dekalbcountyga.gov, larryjohnson@dekalbcountyga.gov, jrader@dekalbcountyga.gov, nancy@nancyjester.com
Dear DeKalb Commissioners,
Please support our community in its efforts to attract businesses that we need and to keep out undesirable operations. In particular, we ask you to deny the special land use request for these three applicants:
1026 Holcombe Road, Decatur, GA – Request to operate a retail liquor store.
4736 Redan Road, Stone Mountain, GA – Request to build a gas station and request to build a convenience store/alcohol outlet.
2079 S. Hairston Road, Suite E., Decatur, GA – Request to operate a retail liquor store.

4)   Share this message with your email list.


If you want to write individual letters, here is the complete email list.

Gregory Adams GregoryAdams@dekalbcountyga.gov
Steve Bradshaw srbradshaw@dekalbcountyga.gov
Mereda Davis-Johnson mdjohnson@dekalbcountyga.gov
Kathie Gannon kgannon@dekalbcountyga.gov
Larry Johnson larryjohnson@dekalbcountyga.gov
Jeff Radar jrader@dekalbcountyga.gov
Nancy Jester nancy@nancyjester.com




Sneak Peak at the Silent Auction Deals!

On August 19 – you may enjoy a wonderful evening of jazz by Chandra Currelley, hors d’oeuvres, and cocktails AND you can walk away with a GREAT DEAL! Here are some of the wonderful items that will be part of the silent auction to benefit the streetscape improvement projects. We are grateful to the sponsors for donating these goods.

Bidding will begin at well below market value.

  • Four Disneyland Day Park Hopper passes – good through 6/18/2018. Use them to visit Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park.
  • 40-inch Flat Screen TV, donated by Jay’s Place
  • Two Wine Baskets, donated by PJ’s Package Store
  • Wine Tasting, by Total Wine & More
  • Golf Packages (four rounds; can be used individually or in a group), donated by Mystery Valley and Southland
  • Haircut Certificates, donated by Nick’s Barbershop
  • Arizona Restaurant Certificate (donated by Apex Auto)
  • Twain’s Brewpub & Billiards Gift Certificate
  • Designer Bracelets by Sircles Accessories
  • Vera Bradley Gallatin Satchel in Bittersweet Chocolate, donated by Vera Bradley/Mall of Georgia
  • Limited Edition, Signed Prints by Roederick Vines
  • Original tennis art by Andre Thompson
  • Dashboard web camera and a Backup Camera donated by TCH Consulting
  • Wireless microphone donated by Pro Music Outlet
  • Tax Service ($300 value), by Liberty Tax Service

Entertainment is provided by the captivating  Chandra Currelley
“Lady Soul Of Ja
zz,” Singer-Actress Chandra Currelley.

It’s all happening Saturday, August 19,  8 – 11 pm

Mainstreet Community Clubhouse,  5001 Mainstreet Park Dr. Stone Mountain, GA

You may purchase tickets for $25 each at:

https://music-on-main.eventbrite.com   (accepts major credit cards)

http://wp.me/P3UZ61-eP  (accepts PayPal)

or in person at 5001 Mainstreet Park, Stone Mountain.







Music on Main Fabulous Event Featuring the “Lady Soul of Jazz”

The Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation invites you to
Music on Main. This fabulous evening features cocktails, hors d’oeuvres,
a silent auction, and jazz.

Chandra CurrelleySee and hear one of the nation’s most
captivating performers, the “Lady Soul Of Jazz,” Singer-Actress Chandra Currelley.

Saturday, August 19, 2017
8 pm – 11 pm


Mainstreet Community Clubhouse
5001 Mainstreet Park Dr.
Stone Mountain 30088

The proceeds will benefit Greater Hidden Hills’ streetscape beautification efforts.

Tickets:   $25
Cocktail attire
Purchase your ticket  with a major credit card by clicking on our
EventBrite page. 

Click here to pay with PayPal and to see other payment options.

Download and share the invitation.  Music-on-Main_Digital_Invitation

The Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3).