Support Changes to Development Panola/Young

The Planning Commission approved – with conditions – the rezoning request for the property at 1744/1762 Panola Road (across from Berean).  The request was to change it from residential (R-100) to commercial (C-1). The conditions are the same as those for the adjacent Tier Two of the Overlay District which prohibits such businesses as liquor stores, dollar stores, gas stations, auto parts stores, tattoo parlors, etc. The conditions also include that a special permit be sought if a drive-through is needed and that the lighting be properly shielded and directed away from adjacent properties.  On Sept. 30, 5:30 p.m., the Board of Commissioners will vote on the rezoning request. (It is the 4th item on the agenda, but the first two are likely to be deferred, and the 3rd one should go quickly.)

You may attend and show support at this Zoom link Sept. 30, 5:30 p.m.:

 Or Telephone: 602 333 0032

Conference code: 217687

Community Meeting on Proposed Development in 4900 Block of Rockbridge Rd

You are invited to a second community meeting on a potential single-family development Rockbridge Road, just west of Hairston. The site is 42 undeveloped acres along Rockbridge Road west of the intersection of Rockbridge Road and Hairston Road near the Ingles Shopping Center, Rockbridge, Elementary, and Hickory Hill community. 

The developer would like to hear your comments and suggestions.  

The property is currently zoned R-100 with a classification as Suburban Land Use. The developer is evaluating developing it under the existing R-100 entitlement, which would result in 71 single-family lots. The developer is also considering rezoning to RSM to allow for smaller more affordable single-family homes, which would result in 156 single-family lots. However, the total number is not firm.

Kyle Williams, who represents the developer, has sent us the revised site plan that incorporates additional greenspace, elevations and floor plans, and conceptual community drawings. I’ve attached those files and the original proposal (named 2021.6.16 – Rockbridge II Presentation); click here.

The meeting is on Zoom:

Wed., Oct 6, 2021, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Meeting ID: 896 1022 4810
Passcode: 093272
Phone: 646 558 8656

Slaughterhouse – Still No Trial Date

Bradford Continues to Violate County Law

The slaughtering continues at 1676 Rice Road, Lithonia (near Redan Elementary School) as we wait for the case to go to trial. Rudolph Bradford, owner of Bradford Home & Grounds, has been cited for operating a business without a license–a business NOT allowed in a residential zone–and for violating a cease-and-desist order issued March 1, 2019.  Bradford is countersuing. 

According to Georgia Department of Agriculture records, he has slaughtered more than 5,389 cows, pigs, goats, and sheep since he went into business in January 2016.   He has slaughtered 3,259 animals since the cease-and-desist order was issued March 1, 2019.

He was supposed to appear in Superior Court Sept. 27, but his attorney had a conflict, so nothing happened.  Judge Wayne Purdom says he will talk to Assistant Solicitor General Karen Scott and the attorney to set a date. We’ll keep you posted.

County Shuts Down a Desirable Business Option in Tier Two

Despite our best efforts, the Board of Commission voted to prevent any late-night establishment within 500 feet of a residential property line in Tier Two on Sept. 28.  This effectively prohibits such establishments in any part of Tier Two. We had hoped to have the opportunity to attract decent restaurants such as Applebee’s that might want to stay open after 12:30 a.m.  This all came about due to one bad actor at 1273 S. Hairston. We supported the Sherrington neighborhood’s effort to get that business shut down. 

We know that good operators exist, and they should be welcome in this community.  We wanted to have the option of going to a restaurant that serves alcohol after 12:30 a.m.   Many communities co-exist with such establishments, and we wanted the opportunity to attract such businesses. We worked out a compromise that requires special permit and noise controls before a late-night establishment would be allowed. It is unfortunate that the compromise was not enough.

One thought on “Support Changes to Development Panola/Young

  1. Seems like a great idea( about the homes but without trying to be a Debbie Downer, I’m hoping that the homes that the developer want to build look good/ landscape nicely. These days, homes that are being built are just thrown on land and look like you can take a pin and knock them over.

    It would also be great if Ingles could upgrade their store. I love their deli and products but I’ve been to there Ingles stores away from Rockbridge Rd that are more impressionable.

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