One thought on “Upcoming Meetings About Your Community

  1. I agree.

    There are some really good restaurant owners who want to do right with the community but I also get why the commission didn’t want it.

    The idea of ” liquor” is the Boogeyman not only of the South DeKalb Community but just the Black community as a whole.
    Just today, I was on MLK going towards Fulton Industrial Blvd. As I was going through it,I couldn’t help but notice the amount of liquor stores,fast food restaurants and convenience stores/ gas stations littered the community but no reasonable grocery stores and last one that was there moved up a couple of miles from it’s old location. The next ones are on Cascade and Vine City.

    On TV ,the ” experts ” will tell about the high rate of illness affecting the Black community or about food deserts because of it . While they are not in charge of bringing quality stores in these communities,I say that if society cared about these people more of these stores would be open. The only thing that can come close on improving the health of the people is a Planet Fitness Center . That’s cool, but where are more health related foods to further help them?

    That’s would be my problem with some of these establishments. It starts with one and it multiply like roaches. Supposedly,in Stonecrest,there was project where the potential owner wanted to built a nursing home and a gas station on
    Covington Hwy( I believe,I don’t want to lie on anybody) and at that time his establishments was either voted down temporarily/ permanently.

    If u ask me and I could be wrong about this but there could be a possibility that he might have used the nursing home in pretense to open the gas station. Oh no…can’t have that .

    I would love to have an Applebee’s ,Slim and Husky etc but far as the alcohol,aspect of it,I guess the commission is afraid of more liquor store abuse coming to their neck of the woods. If it was the other way around( no to barely any liquor stores around). It may also give establishments like clubs bars and liquor an argument to open one.

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