Progress Report – Sept. 28 Meeting

 Minutes:  Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation (GHHCDC)
held at Mainstreet Community Center, Sept. 28, 2013, 11 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

Ten  people attended: Jan Costello, Harry Sullivan, Sandra Sullivan, Larry Coles, Joyce Russell, Marian Long, Lois Dunlap, Char Taylor, Phyllis Frierson, and Evora Ritchie.

The following neighborhoods were represented: Chapman’s Mill, Hidden Hills, the Highlands, Muirfield, Redan Park, and Scarbrough.

Incorporation Status

1.  Jan Costello reported that the State of Georgia approved our charter to be a registered nonprofit corporation. We are listed on the Secretary of State’s website. The corporation must be advertised in the journal of record, The Champion. The ads will run the weeks of Oct. 10 and 17. Then we will receive a certified affidavit saying the requirement has been met.

2.  We have an address:  P.O. Box 1811, Stone Mountain, GA 30086.

3.  Jan will pursue getting an Employer Identification Number so that we can open a bank account.

4.  After that, we will work on getting the federal 501(c)(3) designation.


A participant asked what the purpose of the organization is. It is important to keep our purpose fresh in our minds – we are about the economic development of the Greater Hidden Hills area. The overlay code specifies that types of businesses that may open in our commercial areas, and it sets an aesthetic standard for new development.   The code is on our Google Groups page and at this website:

In short, our purpose is specified in the bylaws:

These bylaws of the Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation have been established at a meeting of the Board of Directors (hereinafter the Board). This corporation operates as a not-for-profit business for the purpose of marketing and developing the Greater Hidden Hills community (including the options to purchase, sell, and lease property for economic development and job creation). This community covers the area described in the Greater Hidden Hills Overlay zone, established by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners in December 2011. The bylaws have been adopted by a vote of consensus by the Board and shall govern by its terms the general operation of the corporation, until the Board authorizes any changes pursuant to the guidelines as stated herein.

Streetscape Committee

The Streetscape Committee toured the main corridors of the overlay district and made a list of probable code violations. Members met with the new director of Code Enforcement, Marcus Kellum. Committee chair Charlene Taylor says the meeting was enlightening and productive. Please see the attached file for a complete report.StreetScape Report

Business Contact Committee

Phyllis prepared prototypes of a logo. We applauded her efforts and let her know which design we preferred.  She will finish her drawings. Jan offered to put it into Adobe InDesign for final production.

We are still working on the fliers to leave with businesses and interested individuals.

Website Update

We have a domain name and a website. The website is still under development.

Treasurer’s Report

1.  Phyllis gave the treasurer’s report. We spent $241.71 from Aug. 17 – Sept 28. We have $98.22 in the account. Please see the attached file for a complete report. Treasurer’s Report Sept 28

2.  We discussed contributions and dues. The group agreed that we need to establish short-term financial goals so that we will know how much money to ask for.  That matter will be taken up by the Board of Directors at the next meeting. Meanwhile, Marian Long offered to poll at least two community organizations to find out what their dues structure is.

Other Business

We deferred the planning of a celebration of incorporation.

Jan Costello noted that we have accomplished a significant amount since our first meeting on June 22. All of the involved members have many commitments, including work; yet, we have approved bylaws and a code of ethics, elected a Board of Directors, filed the necessary papers for incorporation, and became registered as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Georgia.

The next general meeting will be set by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors will meet Oct. 19, 10 a.m. This meeting is open to all interested people.

Prepared by Jan Costello, 10/1/2013