Minutes- February Monthly Meeting- Living out of our imagination!

Minutes: Board of Directors Meeting

Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation (GHHCDC)
Mainstreet Community Center, Feb. 22, 2014, 10 a.m. -11:00 a.m.

Attendees: Jan Costello, Calvin E. Sims, Sr., Nadine Rivers-Johnson, Joyce Russell, Erica Weaver, Char Taylor

Absent: Phyllis Frierson (work commitment)

1. Welcome. Jan led off with a reminder about the Atlanta Community Food Bank. It is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The Food Bank began with a talk around a kitchen table and grew into a robust food-sharing and advocacy movement. Executive Director Bill Bolling says that at the root of all great movements is “collective imagination unencumbered by any past failures.” He notes that there is still too much “hunger in a land of plenty” and still much to do; nevertheless, his hopeful message and perseverance is inspiring, as is the commitment of hundreds of volunteers.  Jan noted that we are a few steps beyond the kitchen table phase. We are committed and looking for more volunteers. We are following the advice of businessman, author, and motivator Stephen Covey: Live out of your imagination, not your history.

2. Finance

Checking account status. Calvin found out that Georgia United Credit Union charges an annual fee of $10 for an “Easy Business” account, with no minimum and no monthly fees. The Board unanimously voted to open an account. The Board decided that checks would require two signatures: the president’s and the treasurer’s. Jan will get with Phyllis to open the account.  Joyce said she would consider serving as a back up.

Accountant status. Nadine reached out to Jerome Chavis, a partner and CPA at NTRC and a resident of Mainstreet. He volunteered to work pro bono, set up our accounting structure, and provide tax advice. We are planning to become a 501(c) (3), and we welcome his advice so that we create the right reporting structure. He is busy through April 15, but Nadine will invite him to our April 22 meeting.

3. Blueprint for DeKalb County. This initiative by Commissioner Gannon is to slow down the creation of more cities in DeKalb County until we assess the impact. The Board decided not to endorse the effort as a group, but individuals are encouraged to sign the petition. The concern of the Board was that a non-profit must be careful not to take on anything that could be construed as political advocacy because it could affect our future 501(c) (3) status.

Commissioner Gannon held one public meeting on the initiative, and more will be scheduled. If those reading these minutes are interested in getting more information about the Blueprint, please read below:

The Blueprint is the foundation for a community discussion to address the issues facing DeKalb County.  The Blueprint process has been endorsed by more than 60 community leaders to date. The blueprint addresses the Grand Jury recommendations, ethics, government operations and cityhood.

The complete Blueprint is available at www.kathiegannon.com. Citizens are encouraged to visit the site, read the Blueprint, sign on to show your support.

4. Board of Directors Insurance. Our corporation will need “Directors and Officers” liability insurance and general liability insurance. Jan asked Williams Turner & Mathis, Inc. for a quote. It is about $500-$600 per year. The Board asked Jan to get more information about the coverage; in particular, does the quote include fidelity insurance (coverage for theft of cash or goods). Jan will provide information at the next meeting.


5. Marketing:

Newsletter Update. Calvin submitted a proposal for a newsletter. (Background: He met with journalists Donna Lewis Johnson and Leslie Williams Johnson, Jan Costello, and graphic artist Charlie Lundy on Feb. 15 to gather input. The newsletter would be distributed in hard copy and electronically. It would be paid for with advertisements.

The Board suggested that we aim for a 4-page first edition June 1. If enough ads were sold, it would be expanded to 8 pages. (The layout is 11 x 17, folded, so that each sheet has four pages.) We discussed the name and made revisions. We asked that whoever lays out the newsletter be required to meet certain stipulations (such as deadlines and provide the original electronic file). The prototype (the initial design) would have to be provided pro bono. We would work out a payment schedule for the layout of the newsletter. Nadine and  Jan will provide details to Calvin, and he will discuss it with the graphic artist. Calvin has many more details about the launch. If you would like to volunteer for this service, please contact him at cesims@bellsouth.net

Nadine will make inquiries about getting seed money from the county.

Brochure. The brochure has been reformatted to work on the Mainstreet photocopier. We are ready to print copies as needed.  You may see the brochure by clicking here:  Brochure – Copy  A copy of the brochure is posted on the website under “About Us”: www.GreaterHiddenHillsCDC.org

                Letterhead/Logo.  Still in production. Char suggested that we visit LogoGuru.com to bid out the job. Jan will do so.


6.  Streetscape. Char reported on a website that helps neighborhoods get their problems to the right government department. It is called www.SeeItClickItFix.com  Her committee met after the board meeting. She will provide a report. She urged us to review the site.

7. Postponed until next meeting:  Dues analysis. Budget analysis.

8. The next meeting will be March 22, 10 a.m., at the Mainstreet Community Center.

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