May 30 – Business Planning Meeting Minutes

Minutes:  Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation (GHHCDC) Meeting
Mainstreet Community Center, May 30, 2014, 10 a.m. -11:30 a.m.

Attending: Jan Costello, Nadine Rivers-Johnson, Phyllis Frierson Joyce Russell, Charlene Taylor


After a brief welcome, we discussed the June 24 meeting. Flyers have been distributed to businesses. Wendall Ervin covered the east side of Hairston/Redan. Jan did some of the north side of that intersection. Nadine covered Panola/Redan. Phyllis did the west side of Covington/Hairston, and Jan did the east side. They both hit Pep Boys! Letters were mailed to the landowners of three strip mall sites (two at Redan/Panola and one at Cov/Hairston). Char is going to the nursery on Covington.


The AJC ran two articles. Releases were also sent to CrossRoads Newspaper, On Common Ground, and the Champion.

Refreshments for the meeting: Joyce is bring 75 small waters, Phyllis is bring cookies, Nadine is bringing nuts and napkins.

Paperwork: Nadine is printing the brochure, membership form, sign-in sheet and surveys; she will bring them to the meeting.

Intro at meeting: Jan will prepare remarks and slides.

We will meet at 5:45 to set up.


Other business:

We decided to try and tour Columbia Residential’s senior living communities on July 12, 19, or 26, if that works for Mr. Khalil.

We need to get a phone to add to our contact info. Jan will look into it.

We like the business card with some changes. The group wants a back/front card.


We continue to work on the 501c3 paperwork. We will set up a meeting with Jerome Chavis in August. Before we meet, we want to answer the question, “What will we have accomplished in five years?”

We will have the next general meeting Sept 23 (or later in the week, depending on the crowd preference.) We will try to have it at APD Solutions if the date works for the firm

Next board meeting: July 26.(If the tour interferes, we will reschedule).


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