Liquor Store-some improvements

We made some progress on the liquor store expansion issue.

Three members of the Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation attended a meeting July 17 with the owner of the liquor store, Tony Nguyen; the shopping center owner, Ricky Sharma; and the store’s engineer, George Awuku on July 17. The GHHCDC was represented by Jan Costello, president, Nadine Rivers-Johnson, board member , and Wendall Ervin, member. It was a good opportunity to express our points of view. We worked out improvements to the plan.

This is what they agreed to do during the meeting:

1. Implement the landscape improvements noted on the 7/15 pdf from El Mina, Inc. This includes new plantings of trees (four) and shrubs in three areas.

2. Add security coverage on Sunday, during the hours PJs is open.

3. Pressure wash the sidewalk

4. Add garbage canisters in at least four places where they would be most utilized.

5. Provide a clear pathway from the upper parking deck to the business strip.

6. Paint the exterior.

We made other suggestions such as clearing the sidewalk of obstacles and reviewing the overlay design guidelines. We invited them to become members of the GHHCDC. We all are united in a common vision to make the area aesthetically pleasing and prosperous.

This was the first time we have had face-to-face contact with the shopping center owner. He has owned both the NW and NE corners at Redan and Panola for 15 years. Mr. Sharma is interested in improving the appeal of the commercial space. He is working with MARTA to install a bus shelter at the bus stop on Panola near the Chevron station, which he owns.

It is unlikely that the expansion request will be denied because the planning staff, the Community Council, and the Planning Commission have approved it. On July 22, it goes before the Board of Commissioners, at 6:30, in the Maloof Auditorium (1300 Commerce Dr.) My opinion is to accept the expansion as long as these conditions are attached to it. I believe that we can continue to build on this relationship and do more to improve that part of the community.

You are welcome to respond to this post or write us at I would like to know what you think.

Jan Costello
President, GHHCDC

GHHCDC@gmail.comSketch Plan-liquor store

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