Panola Slope Resort Plans and July 26 Minutes

Panola Slope – Plans to Redevelop as a Resort
APD Solutions CEO Vaughn Irons and Business Manager Chapman Walsh presented information to the GHHCDC on the redevelopment plans for Panola Slope at 5600 Covington Highway (near Young Road) July 26.

Panola Resort PlansThis is the townhome community that used to be Dominique’s. APD bought it in 2011 and put $5 million into improvements. It offered 23 townhomes and space for retail. Unfortunately, only four units sold, and the future for this concept does not look promising.

APD Solutions wants to turn the project into a destination resort with entertainment and meeting space. The 23 villas would be converted into 72 sleeping rooms. A welcome center would be added. Mr. Irons said the firm plans to invest abother$26 million in the property.

On the ground floor, there would be 31,359 square feet of commercial space. In this space, APD Solutions would offer virtual reality games, live experience (virtual reality) simulators, amusement machines, and two upscale restaurants. Some of the entertainment would allow the consumer to accumulate points for prizes, meals, or other experiences at the resort. The restaurants would be owned and operated by APD Solutions. One, an upscale, white linen tablecloth steakhouse, would be named Bernard’s, after Mr. Vaughn’s late father.

There would be four retail stores with unique merchandise, owned and operated by APD Solutions.

The greenspace that runs parallel to Covington would include a covered, small amphitheater for outdoor events.

The plan will require a zoning change to C-1 (currently OCR-mixed use), and a Special Land Use Permit hearing. The first hearing is tentatively set for Aug. 18, 6:30 p.m. at the Community Council meeting, usually at Redan-Trotti Library.

If any other general information, community meetings are scheduled, the firm promised to let us know.


Minutes of the July 26 Meeting

Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation (GHHCDC) Meeting
Mainstreet Community Center, July 26, 2014, 10 a.m. -10:50 a.m.

Attending: Jan Costello, Nadine Rivers-Johnson, Phyllis Frierson, Charlene Taylor, Pauline Dailey


11:00 – 1:00 Meeting with APD Solutions regarding redevelopment plans for Panola Slope

Attending: all of the above and Obert Jordon, Diane Parks, Larry Coles, Lois Dunlap, Lowell Magee

We had an efficient board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report
Phyllis Frierson reported that we have $268.22 in the bank. We received membership payments from Mainstreet Community, Muirfield Community, and Marian Long.

At the meeting, we received additional dues from Scarbrough Community and Gerald &Pauline Dailey.

Thank you!!!!

Charlene is going to contact other neighborhood associations and ask them to join.

 Plans for a meeting with businesses at Redan/Hairston and Redan/Panola.
Nadine is going to help Wendell work on this. We’ve been following up with the Kroger contact, but so far, she has not been able to respond. Nadine will get the phone contact for the shopping center on the NE side of Redan/Hairston. She will contact Mr. Sharma (owner of two corners at Redan/Panola).

The plan is to let them know what the GHHCDC is trying to do.

We will also show them how improving curb appeal and storefront décor can increase business. Charlene Taylor plans to work on a brochure that will help them visualize the improved conditions. Please send pictures to Char ( and GHHCDC. This brochure would also include the design guidelines that are part of the overlay code.

501(c)(3) – Nadine will check with Jerome Chavis about a meeting on Aug. 4 or 11 at 6:30. We would like to give him an update on the filing of Form 990 (Joyce); the one-year and five-year projection of accomplishments (Nadine); and the narrative explaining who we are and how we evolved (Jan).


The biographies of the board members is posted on the website.

We have a phone number: 508 591-3526
This number will allow callers to leave a message. It is linked to Phyllis Frierson’s email, and she will monitor the calls. Please call the number periodically so that it stays active.

The business cards and checks are going to be done (I promise – Jan)


Aging-in-Place concept
We discussed the tour to Columbia Heritage. It gave us a lot of good ideas. Our next step is to visit more communities, meet with Community Development, and meet with some of Columbia Residential’s nonprofit partners. Nadine is going to find out about a community in Peachtree City that we might tour. Jan will incquire about Park Place in Stone Mountain. We should also drive by the Columbia property being built on Columbia near Memorial.


Our next Board meeting is Aug. 23, 10 a.m., at Mainstreet.


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