Choose a Playground!

Kids and the young-at-heart: Which playground do you like best
for Hairston Park? The winning design will be announced at the
Groundbreaking Ceremony at Hairston Park
July 7, 10 a.m.

Let us know your favorite option AND your age. Please click “leave a comment”
at the bottom of this post or email your vote and age to

You can also view a large diagram and vote at Mainstreet Community Center (5001 Mainstreet Park) through Tuesday.  Or, you can stop by the booth at Mainstreet Park at 6 pm on the Fourth of July.

Playground Options-c

14 thoughts on “Choose a Playground!

  1. Option 3 – hope there is shade. I tend to choose my parks by the amount of shade the park has from the mature trees.

  2. My first choice would be option 2 because of the climbing wall for the little people, but I don’t see anything that is handicap friendly maybe add an adult sized safety seat swing or wheel chair swing. I have a 5 year old grandson I often take to the park and my old child in wheel chair is always left setting with nothing to do.

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