Streetscape Improvements! Plus–Zoning Battle

The latest streetscape improvement is at the entrance to Los Arcos.

We planted the 9-foot-by-20-foot entrance and landscaped a 30-foot section along Redan Road.  The old sign will be moved off the property once the restaurant gets its new digital signs fixed.

Impressive Lawns Owner Willie Baker with GHHCDC President Jan Costello

Thanks to Los Arcos for a contribution that went towards the plants. The rest of the expense was covered by all of you who contributed to our fundraising efforts. We also appreciate Impressive Lawns for the landscaping advice and the great planting effort (contact owner Willie Baker,, 678-618-4076).

Hurray!  Waffle House is open.

The company made tremendous improvements to the bus stop and streetscape in front of the restaurant. They also cut out islands in the parking lot and planted grass and trees.  It looks great!


More auto repair shops, anyone?

The Greater Hidden Hills Overlay District has a special zoning code that affects businesses within the borders.  The code has helped us keep out gas stations, liquor stores, tattoo parlors, and other businesses that do not add to the commercial health of our community.

Tycore Auto Services is asking for an exception to the types of businesses allowed in the Greater Hidden Hills Overlay District. The business needs a Special Land Use Permit to do major auto repair at 5361 Covington Highway, next door to Walgreens and across the street from Pep Boys and two other auto-related businesses. The property has approximately 110 feet of frontage along Covington Highway and contains 0.6 acre.

Auto repair shops are allowed all over DeKalb County, and we have plenty in our area. However, we’re trying to create a more diverse business environment at S. Hairston and Covington Highway, and other commercial areas in the overlay district.  This community has an excessive number of auto-related businesses. From the spot where this business would be, the table below shows the number of auto-related businesses.

Auto-Related Businesses
within radius of
5361 Covington Highway
1 mile 3 miles 5 miles
Automotive Services (repair) 13 87 219
Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers 13 59 140
Gas Stations 3 37 92
Total 29 183 451
Percent of all business in the area 16.5% 9.1% 7.8%

Source: ESRI, Nov. 2018


The DeKalb County District 5 Community Council split on its recommendation, 4 – 3 with one abstention.  The Planning Commission voted 5 to 1 in favor of the applicant, even though three members said they felt remorse doing so.


The Board of Commissioners is the last stop. The public hearing is on Nov. 13, 6:30 p.m., Manual Maloof Building, 1300 Commerce Drive. Please join us.

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