Victory! Slaughterhouse Denied!

The Board of Commissioners DENIED the request to rezone the slaughterhouse property. It now is prohibited from operating in the residential neighborhood.

Thanks to all for signing the petition and leaving comments – a total of 565 people made a significant difference in the quality of life of our community.

Thanks especially to Erica Weaver for her constant advocacy. She and Phyllis Frierson met with Commissioner Mereda Davis-Johnson and Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson on the afternoon of the vote and presented more than a dozen documents that helped make our case. These commissioners sponsored the motion to deny, and it was unanimously approved by the others. Commissioner Jester was not present.

Thanks to Beth Thompson and Ryan Brown for sharing their expertise, experience and network.

With the support of the community and the hard work of individuals, we made a positive difference. It is so heartening to know that we can work together for a righteous cause and achieve our goal.

Jan Costello
President, Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation

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