Speak Out Against Gas Station/Convenience Store on March 4, 5:30, via Zoom

Please come to the Planning Commission meeting Thursday, March 4, 5:30 p.m. Make your opinion known.  It makes a HUGE difference. Note – the Planning staff recommends approval with conditions, so if you care about this, you really must speak out.

The District 5 Community Council met Feb. 8 and heard from many residents who do not want this development. No one spoke in favor. The Council unanimously recommended denying the application.

Zoom   https://dekalbcountyga.zoom.us/j/94261560575

Or Telephone: USA 8882709936 (US Toll Free)
Conference code: 934462

You can watch a simultaneous broadcast available on DCTV’s UStream link https://video.ibm.com/channel/dctv-channel-23

If you want to review the application, go to https://www.dekalbcountyga.gov/planning-and-sustainability/public-hearing-agendas-info    and click on N15, N16, and N17.

At this same meeting, speak out on the request to put another personal care home in the community.  The owner of 4552 Dorset Circle, Decatur, just off of Hairston Road, one mile from Wesley Chapel, wants to rent the home to a group home provider for boys.  Within a mile of this spot are eight homes that provide such services. Yes, children need loving care and supervision, but this neighborhood does not need any more transitional housing. If you know anyone in that area, please tell them about the meeting. The Planning staff recommends a full cycle deferral.

If you want to review the application, it is https://www.dekalbcountyga.gov/planning-and-sustainability/public-hearing-agendas-info  and click on N19.

Stay involved and stay safe!

Jan Costello
President, GHHCDC

One thought on “Speak Out Against Gas Station/Convenience Store on March 4, 5:30, via Zoom

  1. YASSS!

    I’m happy that the gas station will not be built. If business owners can’t bring businesses where people can enjoy it or / and not in the proper zoned area ,it shouldn’t be there.

    I’m also for children being placed in good homes but it shouldn’t be directly in your neck of the woods or no more than one being there. It just seems that when it comes to businesses.. especially gas stations, group homes, or check cashing places they just put them anywhere with no direction and no consideration for the people.

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