Accomplishments through May 30

Notes from the last Board Meeting


Minutes:  .Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation (GHHCDC) Meeting
Mainstreet Community Center, May 30, 2014, 10 a.m. -11:30 a.m.

Attendees: Nadine Rivers-Johnson, Charlene Taylor, Phyllis Frierson, Jan Costello, Joyce Russell, Lois Dunlap
prepared by Jan Costello

1. Welcome

2. Brief Update from Committees

Marketing and Communication (chaired by Nadine Rivers-Johnson)

Letterhead is done. Information about access to the Gmail and WordPress accounts was given to the Board. Noted a correction to a typo. Corrected document will be sent to the Board by email.

Need more paper for brochures. Char will check with her source. Joyce is looking into retail options.

Finance and Budget (chaired by Secretary-Treasurer Phyllis Frierson)

No changes…still have $98 in the credit union. The $85 expense for the corporate filing fees was donated. Phyllis will work on setting up online access to the account. Jan is working on ordering checks.

Streetscape Committee (chaired by Charlene Taylor)

Char is testing ClickItFixItSeeIt. Jan will work on getting it linked to the website. Right now, the template we are using does not allow a widget for easy clicking.

Membership Development (chaired by Joyce Russell)

Joyce created a membership form using the new letterhead. We had minor modifications. Nadine made them and printed out forms.

Nadine has approached businesses about the GHHCDC and they have expressed interest. We are all going to take brochures and membership forms to businesses and ask them to participate. We are going to approach our own neighborhood organizations to join. We are going to make a concerted effort to raise enough funds to file for the 501 (c)(3).


Nadine will check back with the County about a small grant to fund the October business development seminar. We discussed whether to have it on a Saturday morning or weeknight evening. More business owners may be able to attend in the evening.

3. Zoning Update

Site near LA Fitness – still no more word on what is going on there. The county says it is work for a sewer hook-up and driveway, but much land has been cleared. We have sent another inquiry to the county.

Medical Offices: 6826-6846 Covington Hwy – this development is just getting underway. It is east of the Kroger and Wells Fargo on Covington Highway.

Note: Community Council meeting on June 16, 6:30 p.m., Redan-Trotti Library. This is a good place to find out what is going on. The developers and planning department reps are there.

4. Discuss Kick-Off Plans

The October seminar planning is still underway. We’re looking for a site, and determining the best time.

In the meantime, in late June or early July, we’re going to have an open meeting with a guest speaker. The focus will be on the importance of businesses and residents working together to revitalize the community.   June 24, 7 p.m.   Location and speaker to be announced. One DeKalb Director Bettye Davis is helping us.

5.  Set priorities for next quarter

We will recruit business, neighborhood, and resident members. We will have the October seminar. We will work on the 501 (c)(3) application.

6.  Old Business

Nadine set up a meeting with Jerome Chavis, owner of NTRC Accounting on Rockbridge Road, to give us advice on the 501 (c)(3) process. The meeting was June 2, 7 p.m.

7. Date for next board meeting (public welcome): June 21, 10 a.m., Mainstreet Community Center

8. Open Meeting with guest speaker/expert on community revitalization. Focus on importance of businesses and residents working together to revitalize the community. June 24, 7 p.m. Location and speaker to be announced.


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