Response to Media Coverage on Panola Slopes

The entertainment complex planned at Panola Slopes is suddenly getting a lot of attention. The zoning was approved by the Board of Commissions, with conditions, on Dec. 16.  Now, various objections are surfacing.

CEO Vaughn Irons wrote a letter addressing the concerns. A portion is quoted elow:

I see a means of changing the economic outlook of South/Central DeKalb with what we have envisioned for Panola Slope. The project is planned to be a resort for visitors and entertainment district for locals. We are bringing the finest amenities, unique experiences and safety to that corridor.

This new project will bring a total of $28 million of new investment to the area. We are providing 3 new upscale restaurants, a one-of-a-kind Barcade, 4 retail boutiques, lodging of 72 sleeping rooms, swimming pool, outdoor performance pavilion and finally a top notch full service 10,000 SF conference center.

But attempts to lift up our community are never without controversy. Some media outlets are trying to suggest that because one of my investors owns casinos out of state, that this is a “backdoor” attempt to bring casino gambling to Georgia.

These allegations are ludicrous. Casino gambling is illegal in Georgia. Our Barcade at Panola Resort will include amusement games for adult patrons that are legal and allowable under Georgia law. Any suggestion to the contrary is an intentional misrepresentation of the facts.

To see the full letter, please click on the link below; when the new page opens, click on the link once more.

Irons Letter to DeKalb

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