DeKalb Board Heard Us!

On Jan. 8, the BOC unanimously denied the SLUP for the Tycore Auto Repair shop.

Your activism made the difference!  289 people signed the petition against another auto repair shop, and those names and comments were sent to the DeKalb Board of Commissioners (BOC).

District 5 Commissioner Mereda Davis-Johnson and new District 7 Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson set the tone by noting that Covington Highway has too many auto-related businesses, and they mentioned some of the facts that we presented. 

After the vote, the Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation thanked all of the commissioners.  Commissioner Davis-Johnson thanked us, as well, and said, “I would also like to thank all of the engaged citizens who voiced their concerns, no matter their position on the item.”

Commissioner Cochran-Johnson added, “We need development along Covington, but we must be intentional and specific on permitting what enhances communities.”

It was a painful day for the applicant, but our position was clear before he bought the property.  This part of DeKalb County is ready for more business diversity, and your efforts in signing the petition helped make the case.  The result: the Board reflected the will of the community.

What a great way to start the year!

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