No to the Slaughterhouse, Anti-Litter Campaign, Cricket, and More

A neighborhood is no place for a slaughterhouse

Bradford Homes & Grounds has been running a slaughterhouse at 1676 Rice Road, Lithonia, Ga., for at least five years without a proper DeKalb County business license. Now that Code Enforcement made the business license department aware of the problem, the owner is seeking a rezoning. We ask you to call and write all county commissioners and urge them to DENY the request.

We also need you at the Board of Commissioners meeting, March 26, 6:30 p.m., 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur. Wear red! The Board responds to public pressure. Numbers count!  Also, please sign the online petition that we will share with commissioners:

Unfortunately, only three people made the Planning Commission meeting. Despite a strong recommendation from the planning staff to deny the request, four commission members were in favor of granting it.  The commission could not get a majority vote, so that motion did not pass.  Instead, they passed the buck and recommended that the case be sent back for a full cycle deferral.

Here are the key reasons why you should ask for a denial:

Should not slaughter animals in a residential neighborhood

In the first two months of this year, 22 cattle, 5 pigs, 85 goats, and 98 sheep were slaughtered. The killing takes place in the middle of a neighborhood, 1/5 mile from Redan Elementary and ½ mile from Redan Recreation Center.

In the past three years, 2174 animals have been slaughtered, according to the GA Department of Agriculture. The meat is then sold to individual consumers.

This business does not belong in a residential neighborhood. The request is to rezone it as Residential Estate, but that doesn’t solve the problem of having an active slaughterhouse in the middle of a residential community.

Does not meet code

The property does not have the required building setbacks and fencing for the facility.

Has not followed the law

The owner has a history of operating outside the law. He began slaughtering in 2014 (possibly earlier) but was shut down by the GA Department of Agriculture for not having the proper state license. He has been operating for years under a DeKalb County business license that does not allow slaughterhouses, but rather construction.

Has numerous animal control complaints

Since 2012, Animal Control has been to the property numerous times, investigating the shooting of Canadian geese, unvaccinated dogs kept in barrels, ribs showing on a horse on the property, and concerns about the unsanitary conditions.

Please, write or call your county commissioners and ask them to DENY the rezoning. Also, come to the meeting and wear red! March 26, 6:30 p.m., 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur. Please share this information with any DeKalb County resident who cares about the quality of life in this county.

District 5 Comm. Mereda Davis Johnson 404 371-2159
District 7 Comm. Lorraine Cochran-Johnson 404 371-2899
District 3 Comm. Larry Johnson 404 371-2988 
District 6 Comm. Kathie Gannon 404 371-4909 
District 4 Comm. Steve Bradshaw 404 371-4749
District 2 Comm. Jeff Rader  404 371-2863
District 1 Comm. Nancy Jester 404 371-2844

Please sign the online petition that we will share with commissioners:

Your Community, Your Litter –
Pick It Up!

On Friday, March 15, 2019 Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson in partnership with the Greater Hidden Hills CDC will launch a guerrilla-style marketing effort designed to engage DeKalb residents to clean-up their communities, take ownership in positive community and environmental outcomes, and actively eliminate litter through clean-up across the county. The campaign will culminate with a county-wide community clean-up day on Saturday, June 1.

According to Phyllis Frierson, Board member of Greater Hidden Hills CDC and the inspiration behind the campaign, “We hope our efforts will inspire people to stop littering and to show respect for our homes, parks, and businesses. We encourage all communities to join us, clean-up our streets, and stop littering.”

To build litter awareness and encourage community pride, the comprehensive effort includes a video and jingle content where students develop original content supporting the “Your Community, Your Litter – Pick It Up!” theme. Local high schools and elementary schools will participate in the content and winning students and teachers will receive Amazon gift cards, pizza parties and recognition for their efforts.  The videos and jingles will become the marketing engine behind the anti-litter campaign.

We appreciate the involvement of Super District 7 commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson and her staff.

Cricket May Be Coming to Hidden Hills

Mr. Mahammed Qureshi met with the Hidden Hills Civic Association (HHCA)  March 5 to discuss his vision for the closed Hidden Hills golf course. He wants to create cricket fields on part of the property, housing in the center, and various recreational amenities in other places.  As of this date, he has not closed on the property but he has invested thousands of dollars in surveys and other costs. The HHCA president rod Frierson and GHHCDC President Jan Costello have met with him twice and explained what development is allowed and what the community prefers.

Before any development can take place, the GHH Overlay Code requires that plans be reviewed by the County. Mr. Qureshi has committed to working with the community before he gets to the planning review stage.

He is a wealthy businessman who has put the property under contract. He is a huge fan of cricket, and in 2001, he started a professional organization called Cricket Council USA to promote, develop and expand the sport of cricket in the U.S. It is based in south Florida.

The website is:

If you would like to learn more about the sport of cricket, go to the USA Cricket website:

On the home page, look for the section called, “What is cricket?” The site has ten short videos that show you how the game is played.

Congratulations to Rod Frierson for his nomination to the Marta Board of Directors.  

Rod is president of the Hidden Hills Civic Association, one of the county’s largest communities representing 1,683 homes. He is also a business development consultant with nearly 30 years of leadership experience in manufacturing, distribution and warehouse management. Frierson received a Bachelor of Science degree in resource development and management from Michigan State University. What a wonderful opportunity for our community to have Rod represent DeKalb.

Welcome new Board Members Larry Coles and Kenneth Blackly.

Larry Coles and Kenneth Blackly have been elected to the Board of Directors of the Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation.

Our next Greater Hidden Hills CDC meeting is March 23, 10 a.m., at Mainstreet Community Center, 5001 Mainstreet Park Drive, Stone Mountain, 30088. You are welcome to join us for an update on our initiatives and business development in the area.

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